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Jack Mincey (JLM) Cocobolo Custom Crow Call - Product Image
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Jack Mincey (JLM) Cocobolo Custom Crow Call

Price after Crow Busters member discount: $38.70
The call has a straight-grained, cocobolo barrel buffed to a gloss finish. The mouth piece is made of cedar. Each call is tuned and tested by the call maker for proper pitch and tone. The calls are medium sized and have a great feel in the hand, but do not lack in volume. Each call is made one at a time, no duplicating equipment is used by Jack so each call varies slightly in size and shape. (See photo)

Bob Aronsohn, Crowmart Staff Advisor and, probably, the best crow hunter ever, said of the Mincey (JLM) call, Jack Mincey makes crow calls; as good as Mallardtone or Gibson. I like the feel of a wooden mouthpiece much better than plastic. They are good and loud and also have a wonderful tone to them. I am very glad Jack Mincey crow calls are available to us crow hunters who like to use a very good quality crow call.

Drew Moore, former Crowmart Staff Advisor said, your calls have proven deadly effective for me and they sound terrific, besides looking beautiful and feeling great in the hands. The tone of your calls are every bit as good as the best, handpicked Mallardtones and the quality of materials and handcrafted workmanship of your calls is much better. The 8 Mallardtone calls I own are now retired JLM crow calls are all I presently use.

Doug Wigfield, Owner of Crowmart and Crowbuster Co-Founder says, I can personally vouch for the effectiveness of this call. Thanks, Jack, as your calls have achieved true, crow call craftsmanship.

The Mincey calls are exclusively sold at Crowmart. They are custom made and, therefore, are in short supply. Quality and tone of the call is a priority to the call maker so speed of production comes second. If Crowmart sells out, I will place your name on a waiting list on a first-come, first served basis. When ordering be sure to include your e-mail address so that I can keep you informed of your order.

Price: $43.00 

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