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Decoy Flocking Kit

Price after Crow Busters member discount: $17.95
Have you noticed that it only takes a few months for your new, plastic field decoys to turn a shiny, dark gray color? This can spell disaster to your hunt, as reflected sunlight will definitely spook decoying crows. Now remember back to the last group of crows you saw out feeding in a field. They looked as black as night and you never saw any reflections no matter what the sun's angle.

This kit will now give you the ability to make your decoys jet black and give them a velvety light-absorbing finish. Rain will not affect the finish and your decoy won't show the frost, another crow spooker, on those cold mornings.

The kit includes 1/4 lb. of black, color-fast flocking, 1 pint of black adhesive/paint, a brush and instructions. It will cover eight full-bodied decoys.

Price: $19.95 

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