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Bob Aronsohn's Hand Calling Crows / Mallardtone Combo - Product Image
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Bob Aronsohn's Hand Calling Crows / Mallardtone Combo

Price after Crow Busters member discount: $47.70
Learn how to call like our pro staffer, Bob Aronsohn, using his Instructional CD Hand Calling Crows and one of his favorite hand calls, the Mallardtone crow call. He divides the CD into two different calling segments: three different soft calls and five important hard calls. You will learn how and when to blow each of them on this CD. The call is one of the best crow call values on the market. It has won more than 35 championships and several world championships and is used by a number of the Crow Busters Advisory Staff. A deadly combo in your crow hunting arsenal.

Price: $53.00 

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