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3D Flapper

Price after Crow Busters member discount: $52.15
Motion in crow hunting decoys has proven ultra effective whether its located among your decoy spread or placed in a tree. That motion draws crows from a long distance away and will hold the attention of the wary crow as it flies into your set-up.

The 3D Flapper's body is the size of a real crow. This body is made of a durable, solid, cast plastic. The head and body are beautifully sculpted with great detail (see the photo). This superb, motion decoy uses the same wing mechanism as the Buster II motion decoy. The wings fold up for easy storage and transport.

The decoy is easily positioned on a 1/2 " EMT conduit, metal pole which can be purchased at any hardware store or electrical supply store. It can be cut to you favorite length (the ideal is one decoy at 2 feet and the other 6 to 10 feet)

The decoy runs for about three (3) hours on two AA alkaline batteries. The battery compartment is located on the back of the decoy for easy battery replacement.

Price: $57.95 

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