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TWO (2) Crowbuster Logo T-Shirts - Product Image
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TWO (2) Crowbuster Logo T-Shirts

Price after Crow Busters member discount: $31.45
Save by purchasing one of each color. The famous Crow Buster Logo T-Shirts are back and they look fantastic. These are the pre-shrunk, Anvil Brand Ts. They have the famous Crow Buster logo with the black crow (imagine that), with "CROWBUSTERS" in green letters surrounded by white bullet holes. Go to the misc. section to purchase one shirt at a time. br>
NOTE: You will receive (1) one of each color, but they will both be the SAME size.

Price:   $34.95 

Crow Shooting by Bert Popowski - Product Image
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Crow Shooting by Bert Popowski

Price after Crow Busters member discount: $44.95
Out of print book written by the father of crow hunting Bert Popowski. In a dozen chapters, it tells of individual and flock habits, sets eight crow calls to music; tells how to locate and recognize roosts; how to build blinds and put cover to use; and use various decoys for both rifle and shotgun shooting. This book is a classic and a "must read" for every serious crow hunter. This book is rare and hard to find. All of these books are used in various but good condition. Most but not all have dust covers. These are not NEW books.

Price:   $49.95 

BOONDOCKER - FLOCKER  Six (6) Decoys - Product Image
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Price after Crow Busters member discount: $60.75
I can attest that these are the most portable crow decoys available. They are 3D, nicely detailed, flocked shell decoys that stack or nest together for the ultimate in portability. You can easily carry over a dozen in a normal size back pack. They come complete with a plastic stakes which allow the decoy to be placed in either an alert, upright position or a feeding position due to the duel stake slots. The decoy can also be used without the stake for super fast "run and gun" setups or be hung or placed in a tree or shrub. To purchase in lots of three (3) or twelve (12) see item order number CM057 and CM056 at the Special Decoys Category.

Price:   $67.50 

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