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WildTalker Champion Crow Call

The WildTalker Champion Crow Call designed by Mike Battey is used to coax in wary crows by many serious crow hunters. The call will produce the widest range of the crow voice from the low gutterol sounds to the high. This is achieved by how far you insert the mouthpiece into your mouth (not bite down). Then you modulate or control the tone, pitch and volume by cupping both hands around the bell end of the barrel. The composite plastic mouthpiece and barrel are CNC machined to the most exacting tolerances. The call is extremely useful for the turkey hunter to get that beard dragging tom to shock gobble. This Crow Call was used to win both the NWTF National Locator and World Locator Turkey Calling Contests in 2014. For an audio/video demonstration go to YouTube and search WildTalker Crow Call. Price after CrowBuster Member Discount $31.45

Price:   $34.95 

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