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Buster II - The Ultimate Motion Decoy - Product Image
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Buster II - The Ultimate Motion Decoy

Price After Crow Busters Member Discount: $35.95

Use of motion decoys has exploded in the past few years. Some state DNR's have even made them illegal for waterfowl hunting, Well, believe me, they do drive the crows crazy just as well and are heavily endorsed by the CROW BUSTERS founders, Gordon and Doug, and used by Kenny King (the Iowa Crow King).  Whether they are used in a field feeding set-up, hanging from a branch in a fighting set up with an owl, hawk or other crows or near a gut pile they will draw crows in from a long distance increasing your opportunity for kills a hundred fold. It is so realistic that a red fox snuck to within a few feet before it saw us move.

Your purchase comes ready to use right out of the box. It comes complete with the decoy itself, a dowel for field use, a hook for hanging over a branch, two AA batteries and instructions. You can read and see pictures of the CROW BUSTERS founder's great success using Buster II in the "Advanced Techniques" section on the website. Out greatest success was with using two; either both on the ground or best was one on the ground and one in a close-by tree. The batteries will keep the wings flapping hard for 3 hours. It is still our favorite motion decoy.

Note: Buster II is smaller than a crow. It is so effective in hunting situations because it attracts crows to the motion of the wings flapping not because of its size.

The results of a 2003 crow hunt using 2 Buster II's. The birds threw caution to the wind and had to investigate the source of the motion. Big mistake!

I used "Busters " for the first time on a recent three day crow hunt. Buster earned his keep as even a blind crow couldn't help but see Buster flapping away! He worked well both a foot or two off the ground or hung in a tree with other decoys. Buster is small and compact so it's easy to have more than one in your crow hunting arsenal. I like Busters wing movement much better than the rotating wing decoys on the market. The reason is because it's a much more realistic looking decoy in action! We shot over 600 crows in three days over three Buster crow decoys. This is one great decoy!

Bob Aronsohn

Price: $39.95 

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